About the Blog

Teaching and Learning Platform

On this platform, you will find educational materials on stakeholder management. This blog can be used by all for free. We believe that learning about stakeholder management should be open to all. Everyone can participate!

Following your registration, you can rate and comment on posts. You are also welcome to post your own articles or initiate your own projects. Just contact us!

Please also visit the platform on Social Responsibility at www.social-responsibility.at!

Current Courses

Currently, this blog is also used for a course on stakeholder management at the FHWien der WKW, University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, and the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. You will find teaching materials for these universities.


The blog was created by FuturAbility. Leo Hauska is responsible for the concept and Bernhard Wanasek is responsible for the technical implementation.