Definitions | What is the meaning of Stakeholder Management?

„Strategy deals in large part, but not entirely, with a configuration of relationships between the company and such external „contributors“. They may be called resources, or interest groups, or in system jargon, „inputs“. Since the company benefits from, and is dependent upon, a continuing cooperative exchange relationship with each stakeholder group, wise strategy formulation and implementation is vital to the company’s existence.“

W. H. Newman (1979)

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Source: Newman, W.H. (1979): Commentary. In D.E. Schendel and C.W. Hofer, Strategic Management: A New View of Business Policy and Planning. Boston: Little, Brown. 44-47. Zitiert in: Freeman, R. E., Harrison, J. S., Wicks, A. C., Parmar, B. L., De Colle, S. (2010): Stakeholder Theory. The state of the art. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 89-90